Should ULM collaborate with community colleges?

ULM Hawkeye

At first glance, two-and-two agreements seem to be a great option for students who feel they can get by easier and cheap­er by going to a two-year school and then enter a four-year uni­versity.

This writer would highly dis­courage that way of thinking.

Of course, I am only talking about students who were admit­ted to both a two-year and four-year school.

If a student wants an educa­tion and has no choice but to first enter a two-year school that’s great, and I applaud them for choosing to further their education.

Students who can go to a four-year right out of high school absolutely should go on to that four-year school.

Yes, the courses will transfer from the two-year without an is­sue. Yes, students will pay about half as much as they would be paying at a four-year school.

But the value of the freshman experience cannot be measured in dollar amounts because no money could touch the priceless memories that are made during this time.

In a way, I have seen life on both sides of the fence on this issue. I started at a different university and transferred into ULM.

Although ULM has wel­comed me with open arms and will eventually be my undergrad alma mater, I would not trade my time at my former school for anything in this world.

My freshman and sopho­more years were great. I lived on campus, ate in the dining halls, joined clubs, attended a lot of sporting events and made friendships that will last a life­time (or so I hope).

College as a transfer student is a little different at this point.

I do not get excited on the first day of class when I see people who I’ve had classes with before because those people do not exist.

I rarely ever run into anyone I know while walking around campus.

I’m still trying to learn new passwords, email addresses, building names and locations and so on and so forth.

Don’t get me wrong; I love it here and am very happy to be here. But things are just differ­ent.

I have no doubt that students transferring from a two-year school will see the same things that I’m noticing. If a person can go to ULM right out of high school, they should do it. Put the money and perceived notion of an easier ride out of sight and out of mind.

Focus instead on the parts of college a person will truly re­member and cherish forever.