Drive-in movie welcomes back students

Carley Nail

North Monroe College Ministry showed true soul power last Friday by inviting students to watch a showing of “Remember the Titans”—drive in style.

Students and their vehicles filled the church’s parking lot while waiting for the movie to begin. While some students preferred to watch the film from the back of their vehicles, others brought lawn chairs and blankets to sit on.

As everyone took their places for the movie to begin, NMCM offered students popcorn and an assortment of candy. 

This event gave students the opportunity to watch a movie out of the theaters, but still in a captivating environment. 

“Most events can tend to be hectic and have tons of things going on,” junior secondary education major Caroline Grigson said. “It was nice to be in the midst of an insane week and be able to go and just chill out for a bit.”

Students took a trip back in time as they watched a drive-in movie as their parents or grandparents might have in the 50s and 60s.  

As “Remember the Titans” played, the laughs of students echoed. You could tell that they believed “Remember the Titans” was an excellent movie choice.

“It talks about a serious topic in a way that’s respectable to the issue yet has enough humor to where the movie isn’t sad to watch,” junior kinesiology major Gavin Estay said. 

A warm-hearted football movie that focuses on being united was a perfect way to end the first week of classes. 

“Monroe is limited in what students can do to have fun so we want to provide them a fun, free and unique hangout event for them to meet new people,” North Monroe college pastor Chris Craighead said.

NMCM has held drive-in movie events before, but this year’s attendance exceeded those in the past.  The unique idea is inviting for students who are looking to make friends.

“It’s simple fun with the possibility of forming so many new friendships!” occupational therapy assistant major Katie Meredith said. “As a ministry it also opens the door for us to share and have gospel conversations.”