Period products need to be free for all women

Carley Nail

I’ll get right to the point. Menstrual products should be offered freely. Period.

Paying $8 for a box of tampons is a little outrageous, but you have to pay for what you need. Until you can’t afford it. The price of tampons and pads

has risen with inflation. According to PBS, this increase is due to supply chain problems left behind from the pandemic and rising prices in raw materials such as plastic and cotton.

This leaves many women living in period poverty.

Period poverty is when women cannot afford to purchase period products. Living in period poverty affects both women’s mental and physical health.

Someone who is unable to afford these products might have to skip

work when their period comes, which can create an environment of embarrassment. Even though women cannot control their period, they might begin to blame themselves and their womanhood.

There are many long-lasting effects of period poverty. This is why change is needed quickly.

The discussion of period products being freely available for women has always been in the air, but the push for this discussion to be moved to action is stronger now than ever.

Recently, Scotland took a stand against period poverty and became the first country to do so. Women everywhere have been showing their support and applauding this decision.

According to the Washington Post, the nation will have menstrual products available for free in public spaces such as community centers, pharmacies and youth clubs.

The U.S. should be the next country to follow suit. With these products being offered in public areas, those who are struggling financially can get what they need without judgment. Women who want their own supply could still go and buy period products from the store, but there would always be a free option for those who need it. Period poverty even affects college students.

According to a study by George Mason University’s College of Health and Human Service, more than 14% of college women experienced period poverty and 10% experienced period poverty every month in 2020.

Too many women fall victim to period poverty. This should not be such a common issue.

Scotland made the right decision for its people. It’s time for the U.S. to better care for its women.