Dorm room favorite recipes from students


Beau Benoit

Logan Mier

“Buy a five-pound bag of chicken breast and you can meal prep for the week. Chop it up and you can make it into different meals.” Business Administration major Logan Mier explains how he cooks weekly. “If you’re bad with chicken, you can do the same thing with pork, beef or whatever your tendency is. [Choice of sides] is up to preference. I’m a carrot and cucumber kinda guy, so that’s just what I like on the side. It doesn’t necessarily have to go [with it]. It’s just whatever you like.”


Lauren King

“I like to make chicken alfredo in the Ouachita kitchen just because it’s a comfort food with me and my sister. We would always try and make some. She really liked my recipe from it because the sauce would be homemade. She would eat like the whole bowl whenever I would make it. She would always ask me to make it for her so it makes that homesickness feeling go away. It’s a pretty easy recipe. You just boil whatever noodles you like and then you boil your milk and your flour, make it all nice and thick. Then, add in your spices and your giant thing of cheese because there’s never too much. It’s just really nice. You can either separate it and add in the sauce later, or you can add in chicken to it too. Sometimes I don’t because I’m lazy and I don’t wanna go buy chicken. It works either way. It’s really nice and it’s an easy meal for any person that doesn’t know how to cook a lot. Can’t really mess up too bad.”

Mayli Morgan

“My go-to meal is breakfast. I’m a breakfast person, so I like to make cinnamon rolls, eggs, bacon and all the fun pizazz. Breakfast is an all-day affair. I’m strictly a breakfast person unless it’s chicken and waffles, then I’ll eat that. I prefer to put my cinnamon rolls in a circle shape then put them in the oven.  While those are cooking, I put turkey bacon on a baking sheet pan and place those in the oven as well.  Once the cinnamon rolls are done, I cook some scrambled eggs. And boom, breakfast is served.”


Destiny Ramos

“Adjusting to college life was quite a big deal for my roommates and I. Living in the apartment and having access to a stove and oven made it easy to have home-cooked meals to make this place feel like home. Our favorite meal to cook is buffalo chicken tortellini. Before we moved in, I looked up easy homemade meals on Pinterest and sent some to our group chat where we decided to cook our new favorite meal. For the meal you need butter, minced garlic, flour, chicken broth, chicken, cheese tortellini, buffalo sauce, ranch and shredded cheese. First, we melted two tablespoons of butter in a pot and added just a little bit of minced garlic. Then we whisked in two tablespoons of flour. Next, we very slowly add in 2 1/2 cups of chicken broth while whisking. Then, we add one pack of tortellini to the pot and let it boil. While letting it boil, we shred a rotisserie chicken. Once the tortellini is cooked, we add in as much chicken as we feel necessary, 1/2 cup of buffalo sauce, 1/2 cup of ranch, and as much cheese as our heart desires, which is quite a lot, and then we stir. Having access to a kitchen makes college life feel a lot more homey.”

Stacia Jinks

“Our go-to meal is fresh chicken breast, asparagus and potatoes in a garlic rosemary sauce. We put those in the oven, and we have this blackened chicken seasoning. Everything was fresh, and it was literally under $15 to make a whole meal that fed three people. It took maybe 30 minutes to cook. Quick and easy things to put in the oven work easier. If you have a kitchen, to be healthier you can cook a lot more instead of two-minute mac and cheese.”