Carley’s Corner: Busting College Myths


Carley Nail

During my high school senior year, I heard all sorts of things about what college would be like.  But only half of what I heard was correct.  Incoming freshmen all have a different idea of what college will be like, but there are a few common myths high schoolers are told.

1) You will have tons of homework.

I just know a junior STEM major is reading this right now thinking “I have five hours of homework a day.” And that’s probably true.  But I had so much free time my freshman year.  You start with general courses, which tend to be easier. Throughout my high school years teachers told me that I would get a rude awakening in college because my professors would give so much homework. The workload always seems bearable to me. Unless you refuse to work, you are going to be alright.

2) You must graduate in four years.

I came to college with a perfect little plan. I would graduate in four years with my communications degree. This is how most students think their life will turn out. But you don’t have to fit into this timeline.  It’s okay to graduate early. It’s okay to graduate late. It’s okay to swap your major six times because you don’t know what to do with your life. College is the perfect time to figure out what you want to do, and for some it takes longer than others.

3) Community colleges are bad.

If you feel like going to a community college is best for you, do not be ashamed. Whether you go to a 4-year university or a community college, you are furthering your education and that’s something to be proud of. Community colleges are local, cheap and they teach you technical skills. Students go to community colleges and universities with different goals in mind, but that does not mean that community colleges are bad.

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