Show some school spirit and pull for the little guy

Cameron Jett

The ULM athletics department has enough on its plate. Having students jump ship on game day shouldn’t be another issue it faces.

Countless students swapped to the purple and gold last season when ULM faced LSU. That color-changing trend is on the horizon again this year with games at Texas and Alabama. Some students would rather take pride in cheering against their own school and the athletes who they share a classroom with by taking the side of college football blue bloods. 

Support the team you want to, but yelling “roll tide” or giving a “horns up” to ULM feels like giving a middle finger to the school you shamefully attend. 

I’ve heard more than a few students say how “they” are going to stomp ULM this season. Last I checked everyone I talked to is here at ULM and doesn’t attend a different university.

If you really want to enjoy seeing Big Bertha rolled onto the field or sing “Dixieland Delight” at the top of your lungs, why not go the extra step and enroll at the school you choose to support? 

Besides, seeing the underdogs find success is what turns heads in all walks of life, not just sports. Would Rocky Balboa be remembered if Apollo Creed knocked him out cold in the first round? Absolutely not. Breaking the status quo creates entertainment and excitement at the expense of the expected victors.

Likewise, very few people can truthfully say they remember ULM’s 34-0 loss to Alabama in 2015, but the college football faithful can tell you exactly where they were when ULM victoriously trudged out of Tuscaloosa in 2007. 

Also, why live and die behind people who don’t know you at some school you’ll never attend? Bijan Robinson is a great athlete, but his career won’t impact mine. Bryce Young will be a high NFL draft pick, but I doubt we’ll ever cross paths. 

Meanwhile I’ve had class with the likes of Calum Sutherland and Quincey Ledet. I’ve seen Boogie Knight around town. I pass by many other athletes on this campus without even knowing it. 

It’s no issue for me to love thy neighbor and hope they can find something to celebrate after four quarters.