HUB is much needed upgrade from previous SUB

Beau Benoit

Move over SUB, the HUB has you beat. On Aug. 29, the HUB welcomed students with its modern and sleek design.  

An ambitious project to say the least, the HUB represents 14 months of labor, $11.6 million and a massive collaboration between ULM and Aramark. 

The HUB is an amazing addition to ULM’s campus, serving not only as a place for students to relax and socialize, but also as a way to enjoy some great dining options. 

Delicious favorites returned such as Starbucks and Chick-fil-A, and new additions such as Flip Kitchen and Bento Sushi were added. If you enter hungry, I can assure you won’t leave that way.

Walking up the beautiful central staircase leads up to the second-floor study space. Amenities include luxurious chairs and couches, tabletops for laptops and dining as well as white boards. 

The balcony—with an open area and plenty of shade—is the perfect place to catch up on some reading or enjoy the weather. 

The architects truly had all types of students in mind when executing the construction of the building. 

The location of the HUB is perfect for those walking to class. If you are going to the CNSB, Walker Hall or Sandel Hall, the HUB makes for a perfect resting spot.

Even with all the excitement and accomplishment already surrounding the HUB, the construction doesn’t end there. Already underway is the parking lot, which will stretch from University Ave to the bookstore.  

One of the biggest questions students had was about parking. At the SUB, students were always fighting for parking space. To have this previous issue squashed is a large relief. 

The HUB will surely make each student’s time here at ULM much more enjoyable. If you haven’t visited yet, then run—not walk—to the HUB and experience it all first-hand.