Step outside your academics

Hanna Flynn

ULM is back in full swing. With in-person events, registered student organizations and sports thriving on the bayou, there is no shortage of ways to get involved on campus. 

Students should strive to step outside of their academics and take advantage of the college experience. 

Involvement can help you gain experience and skills to better prepare you for your future endeavors. 

ULM offers many activities for students to attend, from sporting events and exercise classes to painting sessions and Halloween bashes. There are also over 100 RSOs to join ranging from Greek Life to the Honors Program. 

These activities offer opportunities for students to make friends, learn the value of teamwork, competition, responsibility and get a better understanding of culture and diversity on their campus.  

Events like the Mardi Gras Ball provide a fun atmosphere to dance with your friends as well as Cajun cuisine to enjoy. 

This allows students to come together to celebrate an important piece of Louisiana’s culture and take a well-deserved break from schoolwork.

Involvement can help students not feel burnt out or discouraged regarding their load of coursework. Getting to spend time with friends and relax often gives students the motivation to do better in class. 

Getting involved in RSOs opens doors to greater opportunities for students, such as building their skillset and making a difference in their community. 

For instance, gaining a position of leadership on your campus allows you to be a voice for the student body and help bring change.  

Everyone should strive to get involved on campus to make friends, build confidence, gain skills, learn about your community and open doors to opportunities you didn’t know existed. 

College is more than just going from classroom to classroom. College is an experience that will stay with you for a lifetime. You can make the time you have here at ULM count by getting involved.