Open house welcomes all

Hanna Flynn

ULM has become a home for students from all around the world. After traveling across the globe and settling in a new home, it can be daunting. 

Last Friday, the International Student House hosted an open house event, welcoming all students to spend the afternoon in the hangout area and get to know some new friends. 

Here with a whole new culture, new friends and a new home, it can be different than how they  grew up. The student house is a place for international students from all over to hang out, cook, play games and get to know one another.

The International House offers many amenities for the students, from a TV with Netflix and games to a ping pong table. The building has a full kitchen for students. The open house included board games, card games, ping pong and video games for the students to play. 

“This is an opportunity to welcome the new and returning students back for the fall and show them the amenities of the student center.” Gina White, Director of International and Multicultural Affairs said. “There is food, music and games for the students to enjoy.”

Many students were not utilizing the house during COVID. However, with most things around campus reopening and less concern for the virus, students are looking for a place to gather again.

“Before COVID, we used the international building to cook noodles and watch movies. We will hopefully be coming back this year,” said senior computer science major Prasansha Paudel.

 The house will not only be open for events, but it will also be open daily throughout the fall and spring semesters. All international students will be able to utilize the center for studying, cooking and just hanging out with friends. 

“I’m really looking forward to hanging out with my friends and cooking some delicacies together,” Thalama Malla, a sophomore accounting and finance major said. 

Having a place for international students to gather allows them to celebrate their culture and hopefully bring a little piece of home to the U.S.