Students sound off about internet problems

ULM Hawkeye

Outages cause major dilemmas, concerns

Many students who live on campus rely on the Internet for turning in assignments, Face­booking, checking their email, etc.

However, last week, a long drought of Internet came to most of the campus dormitories. According to Tresea Buckhaults, director of Residential Life, the problem started in Univer­sity Commons I and continued through the rest of the dorms, excluding Ouachita and Madi­son.

“The main problem was that people couldn’t connect to the Internet. That included Com­mons I and II, Bayou Suites, Bayou Village and Masur.

However, people in Masur could connect through wireless Internet.”

Students are currently being advised to refrain from using personal routers in the dormito­ries, as it could slow the internet down for other people on your floor.

“One time, we had Comcast notify us that there were about 1,000 people connected to the internet in Commons I,” said Buckhauts.

“Someone actually had their router (without a password) and lots of people were connected to it.”

Students on campus were feeling the bite, as the Internet came to a complete halt in eight of the 10 residential buildings on campus last Monday, and didn’t resume until around 5 p.m. on Thursday.

Anna Yancey, a sophomore kinesiology major from Elmer, was perturbed about the outage.

“It’s very inconvenient when my Internet goes out. My dorm room provides a better working environment, and since most of my assignments have to be turned in online, I need a reli­able connection,” said Yancy.

Students are advised to report their Internet problems to Resi­dential Life.