People should not be treated as pawns for political gain

Kassidy Taylor

Migrants are human beings, and human beings should not be used as pawns in political games. 

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, in collaboration with Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, issued the transport of roughly 50 migrants by plane from San Antonio to Martha’s Vineyard. 

This transport was done to spite the increase in illegal immigration under the Biden administration. 

Recently, Republican governors have been planning stunts similar to this one, most involving the drop-off of migrants by the busload in highly democratic areas.

Many of the migrants from San Antonio were Venezuelans fleeing their home country’s political and economic distress. 

DeSantis lured the migrants to board these planes to Martha’s Vineyard with false promises of access to jobs and schools. 

These non-English speaking migrants may have been coerced into this transport and not known exactly where they were being sent.

The migrants arrived at Martha’s Vineyard on Sept. 14 without warning. DeSantis did not contact anyone or provide resources for the migrants upon their arrival. 

The people of Martha’s Vineyard scrambled to get supplies to help care for these unexpected migrants. 

Because Martha’s Vineyard is not only a significant tourist attraction but also a place of hardworking individuals, its residents and volunteers were able to provide shelter and food for the migrants despite the inconvenience.

On Sept. 20, the migrants filed a lawsuit against DeSantis, accusing him of planning a fraudulent and discriminatory scheme. 

A county sheriff in Texas is also investigating the entire situation in belief that the migrants were misled by the governor for his own political venture.

The entire situation was a political stunt. Abbot and DeSantis might have hoped to show protest to recent immigration by their actions, but moving the migrants to Martha’s Vineyard did not accomplish much except harm the lives of these already suffering people. 

Regardless of the governors’ thoughts on Biden’s border policies, they should not have handled the situation as they did. 

This kind of behavior from intelligent and grown adults is appalling. 

These migrants were already under extreme duress due to fleeing their homes under such horrible circumstances. 

It is unjust and inhumane to mislead these individuals. Even if they illegally entered the U.S., they deserve to be treated and respected as individuals.