Revival satisfies with unique combinations


Cameron Jett

Louisiana is revered for some of America’s most flavorful food—but pizza is not one of those things. Just 15 minutes north of Monroe off of US-165 in Sterlington sits one of the best pizza joints in the region. 

The retro-themed restaurant known as Revival Pizza Co. offers plenty to those who wander through the doors. 

The restaurant brings you comforting classics on top of its homemade dough, while also serving up adventurous takes on what you put on your pie. 

Every entrée on the menu comes with a playful pop culture name that adds to the restaurant’s charm.

 One example is the Larry Bird pizza that comes with a pesto sauce and topped with chicken and white cheeses to make it a worthy namesake of the Celtics legend. 

Even the basic cheese pizza is lovingly adorned as the Kevin McCallister—and it would certainly make the “Home Alone” protagonist reach for a slice. 

Even when you see some bizarre assortment of toppings on a pizza that you think is disgusting, just know that the chefs knew what they were doing.

 The off-the-wall Smoke Jumper pizza features an Alabama white BBQ sauce and brisket and is deserving of being the costliest item on the menu.

If you’re worn out of pizzas—or caught up in the pizza gatekeeping world and refuse to try any of their crafty combinations—they also dish up some beautiful burgers and chicken sandwiches. 

Their Big Kahuna Burger is up-to-par with the one Jules Winnfield took a bite out of in “Pulp Fiction.” 

Or reach for some Southern soul in the Ross Co. which is an indescribably perfect pairing of fried chicken, hot sauce, homemade pepper jelly and bacon all slapped shut between two jalapeno waffles.

The restaurant’s atmosphere demands that you bring your family or your friends. Take turns guessing all the movie characters on the mural spanning the entire width of the restaurant. Watch the cooks toss the dough behind the half wall in the kitchen. Hope with anticipation that it’s your pizza coming out of their wood-fired oven that you can see from your table. 

It’s the perfect social atmosphere if you want to break away from the Monroe food scene and try something different.