Symposium encourages resilience in business

Zoe Sissac

Over the past week, the College of Business and Social Sciences held its annual symposium, hosting a variety of insightful workshops and events. 

Geared towards all CBSS students, the symposium hoped to inspire the next generation of lawyers, leaders in business, entrepreneurs and more. From movie nights to business presentations, the CBSS symposium was an amazing experience for everyone involved, faculty and students alike. 

The theme of the 2022 CBSS symposium week was “Resilience: Moving Forward.” Amid a pandemic and economic downturn, students have faced numerous setbacks relating to their chosen careers or education. The CBSS symposium provided students with much-needed tips and tricks to be resilient against these challenges. 

An evening showing of “Molly’s Game” hosted by the School of Construction Management kicked off the week. Based on the story of keynote speaker Molly Bloom, the film gave students a unique perspective on entrepreneurship and business in the 21st century.

Maggie Eubanks

The next day, the CBSS Career Readiness Workshop took place with help of the Career Development Center. The sponsors of the event conducted mock interviews, crafted resumes and gave advice on dressing for success. Clearing misconceptions about the hiring process, the CBSS Career Readiness Workshop prepared students for the upcoming job fair. 

On Wednesday, the CBSS had its annual career fair. With over 30 employers attending from across the country, the Business, Industry and Social Science Career Fair gave students access to a variety of internships and career choices. Ranging from accounting firms to nonprofits, the employers attending the event were impressed by the accomplishments of ULM students. 

Arguably the highlight of the week, the CBSS Annual Brain Bowl began immediately after the career fair. Dividing the CBSS into schools, faculty and students competed in a trivia competition. Spanning four rounds, different schools answered trivia questions regarding the CBSS. Competing for a cash prize of $750 per student, the School of Construction Management swept away its competition. 

The most anticipated event of the symposium was the keynote address of Molly Bloom. Best-selling novelist and former Olympic skier Molly Bloom told the fascinating story of her life. 

After sustaining a gruesome injury as an Olympic skier, Molly moved away to Los Angeles for a fresh start. 

Little did she know that her fresh start would result in a poker empire worth millions. Running poker games in L.A. and later New York, Molly Bloom was living her dream, or so she thought. Eventually, it all came crashing down around her, ending with her barely avoiding jail time. 

Titling her message “Bet on Yourself and You Will Always Win: Overcoming Setbacks”, Molly Bloom discussed the lessons she wished she’d known as a college student. 

“Not so long ago, but it seems lifetimes ago, I sat where you sat, wishing I had everything figured out,” Bloom said. “Unfortunately, that’s just not how the game goes.” 

The last day of the symposium was filled with multiple breakout sessions for students to learn more about their specific fields. 

After a fun-filled week, students in the CBSS were already looking forward to the next symposium. “It really was a great experience,” freshman political science major Mallory LeBoeuf said. “I am looking forward to attending it throughout my time at ULM.”