Students informed on suicide

Kassidy Taylor

In honor of Suicide Prevention and Awareness Month, ULM students gathered at the Quad on Thursday to spread awareness by providing information about suicide prevention. 

Flyers with information on the warning signs and ways to prevent suicide, as well as resources available to help, were given to students. Students also gave out colored ribbons for people to wear to continue to spread awareness around campus. Members of the Student Social Work Association along with members of Chi Alpha, the social work honors society, spread awareness at the event.

Senior social work major and president of Chi Alpha Leslie Rockhold stated that although suicide is a leading cause of death, it is the most preventable cause of death. That is why she believes it is important to raise awareness on ways to prevent suicide. 

Similarly, junior social work major and vice president of Chi Alpha Jacob Landry highlighted the importance of being able to speak about taboo subjects such as suicide. 

“If we can help anyone, then that makes a difference,” Landry said. He believes that every life has meaning and value, and his goal is to ensure students of ULM realize they matter and are wanted on campus.

Junior pre-physical therapy kinesiology major Abigail Lewis walked through the Quad between classes and saw the table set up to spread suicide prevention awareness. She stopped at the table and was welcomed by the SSWA and Chi Alpha members while being told information about the subject and was given a ribbon to wear. 

“Suicide is everywhere and it is very well-known right now, so we do need to spread awareness to keep track of our friends and hopefully help someone,” Lewis said.   

Chi Alpha expressed that resources are available at ULM to provide help to students who are struggling with suicidal thoughts. 

ULM students in need have access to a walk-in urgent crisis service, developmental counseling and a special accommodations center that can be accessed during emergencies.