Hot takes on college life


Carley Nail

Take a Trip.

We’re almost halfway there. With midterms creeping up on us, you’ve probably heard people telling you to take time to study. But I’m going to give you different advice—take a trip.

Of course, please study for your exams and don’t plan to go somewhere in the middle of midterm week. 

Don’t flunk your midterm and then tell your mom it was because Carley from the newspaper told you to take a trip instead. 

I’ve been hearing students talk about how burnt out they’ve been lately. And I’m ready to diagnose this as a case of the mid-semester blues. 

Midterms bring more pressure and stress.  How can you be expected to do your best when you feel like you have nothing else to give?

I think everyone is due for a little break. 

So take a road trip with your friends over the weekend to go see a concert. Drive back to your hometown and have dinner with your family. Go visit a nearby state you’ve never been to before.

In high school, my mom used to tell me that not everything is learned in a classroom. 

I’ve carried this advice with me. College is a time to live and learn—without being completely reckless.

Be spontaneous and adventurous, but remember to be safe as well.

If you have a job or don’t have time to make a day trip, go somewhere close to campus. A trip to Walmart is a trip nonetheless. 

You could go to the movies with friends or try a new restaurant. Anything that takes your mind off work and gives you the chance to relax is an option.

Personally, I like to treat myself to a Mardi Gras shaved ice from Eskamoes and walk around Target. I know that it sounds like a basic stereotypical thing for a girl to do, but where else can you look at cute clothes, books and vinyls?

Coursework is piling up and taking time for yourself is a great way to rest and renew your motivation.

Fall break is at the end of this month and that’s something to look forward to after midterms. But I also know that I could not have gotten through the past two months of school without taking weekend trips every once in a while. 

So don’t be afraid to get out of town and take a breather, but still take care of your classes.

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