Ye was right to call attention to BLM hypocrisy


Hanna Flynn

Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, showed up to his Paris fashion show wearing a “White Lives Matter” shirt alongside Republican political speaker Candace Owens. 

Of course, white lives, black lives and all lives matter. But Ye wore this shirt to stand against the widely known political organization Black Lives Matter. While BLM initially began as an attempt to bring justice to the Black community, it has mostly hurt them.

I support Ye in using his platform to expose the injustice the BLM organization has brought to Black citizens across America. 

Since Ye expressed his support for former President Donald Trump, the media has deemed him as crazy and illogical. However, Ye has a logical meaning behind his supposed madness. 

Ye grew up on the south side of Chicago and experienced violence in his community. He sees the violence the BLM movement has brought and the division it has created in the U.S. 

Although some may perceive Ye’s actions as insensitive, ignoring the violence and neglect caused by this organization would be more insensitive. In 2020 alone, 25 people were killed during BLM protests. Because so many people were affected by the violence from the BLM movement, the movement became counterproductive. 

The BLM movement has collected over $80 million since 2020. Owens, who sported a matching “White Lives Matter” shirt alongside Ye, claims that BLM allocated a large amount of this money to support Democratic politicians and even sex workers in the Black community. 

In an interview for her new movie ‘The Greatest Lie Ever Sold,’ she said, “$200,000 of the money went to escorts, BDSM workers, strippers, peep show workers, phone sex operators and webcam performers.”

BLM is not a movement to support the Black community and end racist violence. Rallies organized by the group have ended in murder, and supporters have even vandalized homeless shelters. 

The organization’s effect on these communities does not match their motto, “To bring justice, healing and freedom to Black people across the globe.” 

Ye and Owens did the right thing by exposing this injustice. If we want to support causes that benefit the Black community, we should contribute to families in poverty, women needing childcare and improving education. 

The BLM movement has hurt the Black community and increased division and racism in the U.S. Nobody is inherently racist. Racism is learned. We need to teach love and respect, not hatred and anger, and the BLM movement is not helping us do this.