Art classes conduct fundraiser on campus

Maggie Eubanks

For weeks, students and faculty have questioned what all of the food hanging in the trees represents. The food signs around campus are a part of the Art Program’s fundraising competition for Hunger Action Month.

The competition was held between the different colleges at ULM. While the main part of the fundraiser was last week, people can continue to donate throughout the month by scanning the QR codes on the various signs across campus. 

Andrea Chrisulis, a freshman pre-pharmacy major, said the Art Program thought the different signs would engage different audiences around the community.

“We really figured the curiosity would spring people and wonder why is there stuff in the trees and maybe it would encourage people to investigate,” Chrisulis said.

The fundraiser looked to be successful after art students set up at the HUB on Tuesday and Schulze cafeteria on Wednesday to encourage students to donate to the food bank. 

Makynzi Legros, a freshman pre-pharmacy major, said that the Art Program conducted a fundraiser rather than a typical food drive because money has a higher impact on the food bank.

“We also thought doing money instead of actual food would be better because [the food bank] can do three meals for one dollar instead of just providing different canned goods,” Legros said.

The money raised by the Art Program will have a significant impact on families across Northeast Louisiana.

According to Loyola University, Louisiana has the second highest rate of food insecurity in the nation with one in six children living in households without consistent access to food. 29% of children in Northeast Louisiana are facing hunger, according to the Food Bank of Northeast Louisiana. 

The Art Program said the college that wins the fundraiser will be awarded a golden spoon. Students and faculty alike are encouraged to donate and take part in Hunger Action Month.

Freshman pre-pharmacy student Avery Pickering donated and said “I think it’s a really good cause.”