Construction program opens doors to students

Jonah Bostick

The ULM School of Construction Management hosted an open house event on Saturday. High schoolers and transfer students caught a glimpse of the construction management world. 

“We’re trying to grow enrollment, so we’re entertaining prospective students,” construction management professor Ed Brayton said. 

Students were given an overview of the program along with a tour of the facility given by students and professors. 

The school also wanted prospects to understand the value of the program, as construction management can provide students with opportunities leaving college. 

“This is a viable major, and [students] are very well paid when they graduate with a degree,” construction management professor Don Colegrove said. 

Students coming out of high school shouldn’t expect an easy curriculum, but the opportunities that come with the program are endless. 

“Nothing in construction is easy,” Junior Logan Bertrand said. “But whenever you leave this program, you’re going to be ready to work from day one.” 

The program aims to prepare students for the workforce with many internships available. 

“As far as internships go, the opportunities are endless,” Bertrand said. 

The school also helps students with their overall college experience with tutoring and time management skills. 

“We work a lot with our freshmen on what it takes to be successful on campus,” Colegrove said. 

Colegrove commented on the community within the program among the students. 

“We really have a close-knit group of kids,” Colegrove said. “They know what’s going on because they’re all connected.” 

Many students and parents came by the building and were introduced to the program and all it has to offer. 

“It’s probably one of the strongest turnouts we’ve ever had,” Brayton said. 

With the many opportunities for success, the program remains one of the best at the university.