‘Halloween Ends’ lacks ending build-up


Carley Nail

Michael Myers has been lurking in the shadows, waiting for the perfect time to strike. And now, he’s back.

“Halloween Ends” is the final movie of a trilogy series about the killings of Michael Myers and how the murders have affected the town of Haddonfield and its people. It brings new characters and elements that haven’t been a part of previous movies in the series. 

Laurie Strode and her granddaughter Allyson Nelson have survived as victims of Michael’s rampant killing sprees. After not seeing Michael for four years, Laurie has decided to let the past go and move forward into a new part of her life.

That is until Michael returns in quite an unusual way.

Corey Cunningham is a boy with an estranged past whose town has turned against him. After he gets close with Allyson, he has an encounter with Michael that changes him.

Although this movie was set up to focus on Michael and Laurie, the storyline was more about Corey.  It was obvious how much the directors were trying to change the narrative.

Corey is an awkward, loveable character at the beginning of “Halloween Kills.” His character added a sensitivity to the film, but I wish that he wasn’t connected to Michael.  Having two killers only added confusion.

This movie seemed to lean more toward the idea that Michael has a supernatural element to his existence, other than his immortality. But this concept hadn’t been mentioned in any of the other films.

Adding crucial details about a main character’s entire existence in the last movie of a trilogy series is out of place, especially without an explanation.

It left a lot of questions. Is Michael Myers simply just a man with an incredible pain tolerance or is he some kind of magical monster? I have no idea.

Although “Halloween Ends” was not at all what I expected, some killings were still predictable. This Michael Myer film series has always had great jump scares and has thrived on the element of surprise.  But as the end neared, I already had an idea of how it would play out.

“Halloween Ends” had all the potential to have a great build-up with a bloodbath of an ending as Laurie and Michael fight in a bittersweet final battle.  But unfortunately, it failed to meet expectations and left the audience with more questions than answers.