Swift delivers intricate lyricism, sound

Swift delivers intricate lyricism, sound

Carley Nail

Hi. It’s her.

Taylor Swift has returned to the

pop genre with her new album


After her albums “forklore” and

“evermore” released with a folk,

alternative sound, some Swifties

were itching for a new pop album.

And Swift didn’t disappoint.

“Midnights” ties together all of the

other albums she has created so far.

There are parts of each song from

“Midnights” that the listener can

relate to songs off her other albums.

Everything flows together

beautifully. Listening to each song

is like reading different chapters of

a book. They all connect but have

their only storyline.

The first music video Swift released

for the album was for “Anti-Hero.”

The song talks about expectations

people have of Swift and the music


Fans quickly fell in love, applauding

Swift for speaking out about

insecurities and anxieties that she


“Karma” and “Vigilante Shit” share

a theme—people that do wrong to

others will get what they deserve.

They both exude empowerment and

the essence of revenge.

Some fans believe “Vigilante Shit”

was written about Scooter Braun—a

music executive that sold the rights

to Swift’s songs after he acquired her

former record company.

“Vigilante Shit” has a similar sound

to the songs on her 2017 album,


For all the lovers, Swift has a track

called “Sweet Nothing.” The soft,

simple music along with the elegant

lyrics make for a great love song.

The track is a perfect example of

how reassuring it is when someone

loves you for who you are and

expects nothing from you.

After releasing “Midnights” with

12 tracks, she later dropped a 3 am

edition of the album that features

seven more songs.

“High Infidelity” and “Would’ve

Could’ve Should’ve” have become

my favorites of the extra tracks.

Both songs have profound truths

hidden within the lyrics. “Would’ve

Could’ve Should’ve” is written as a

reflective piece, looking back at a

relationship or specific time in her

life when she was betrayed.

For me, there isn’t a single skip on

this album. Every sound and lyric

has a purpose. Her analogies and

word play are intelligent.

Each song is crafted with excellent

lyricism and skillful design.