Students choose top five from ‘Midnights’

Students choose top five from ‘Midnights’

Carley Nail, Arts & Entertainment Editor

‘Midnight Rain’

This song shocked many fans

when the album first released.

“Midnight Rain” starts with a

deeper modified version of Swift’s

voice—a technique that she hasn’t

been known to use. But as it continues,

Swift’s full voice comes to the

forefront. The rhythm changes to

make room for elegant beat drops.

“Midnight Rain” is entrancing with

its unique style and relatable lyrics.


In “Anti-Hero,” Taylor Swift opens

up about her insecurities and creates

a space where she’s vulnerable

with her listeners. “Anti-Hero” has

an uplifting pop beat, but her lyrics

go in depth about her fears and

anxieties. Swift mentions many issues

that are likely relatable for

college students, which is probably

why ULM students have deemed it

as an album favorite.


I can’t help but sing this song with

an attitude. Taylor Swift puts every

ounce of feeling she has into “Question…?”

The song is composed

of many unanswered questions.

She calls out the person the questions

are intended for, asking for an

explanation. “Question…?” maintains

a steady pop beat that is fun,

but Swift’s delivery of the lyrics

makes this song stand out.

‘Lavender Haze’

“Lavender Haze” kicks off the album

with a melodious soft pop

sound. It has the potential to be perfect

for easy-listening or screaming

in your car, depending on your

mood. Her voice remains breathy

and has subtle background vocals,

creating relaxing harmonies. “Lavender

Haze” also has a balance of

upbeat sounds that command the

listener’s attention.

‘Would’ve Could’ve Should’ve’

“Would’ve Could’ve Should’ve”

released in the 3 am edition of

“Midnights.” Many speculate that

this song is about Taylor Swift and

John Mayer’s relationship. Swift

writes in a strong bridge that becomes

the centerpiece of the song.