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Carley Nail

It’s Time To Go Vote.


Nov. 8 is election day, and it’s time to exercise

your right to vote.

It is easy for people to come up with excuses for

why they aren’t going to vote. Maybe you don’t

care about the outcome or you feel like you are

too busy that day.

But election day is the time when you get a say

in who makes your laws.

Honestly, I don’t enjoy politics. Most of the

time they make my head hurt. Every time I read

the words Republicans, Democrats or Supreme

Court in the news, I take at least two Ibuprofen.

Political parties have become identities for

some people. It creates a divisive environment.

That’s why I usually avoid the subject. But this

changes when I go to vote.

I am able to cast a ballot saying what I think and

no one tries to convince me I am wrong. No one

stands behind me in the voting booth gasping at

every option I choose.

When I went home for fall break, I stopped at

my local voting location. I was greeted by nice

ladies that later taught me how to use the fancy

voting machine.

It came as a relief to me as I clicked each button

that corresponded with my thoughts.

In the last issue of the Hawkeye, our News

Editor broke down all the amendments for Louisiana

and translated them to English.

I read that article the night before I voted, so I

could understand what exactly I was voting on.

You don’t have to be a political science genius

to show up to the polls.

Even if you hate everyone on the ballot and are

only going to the polls for a cool sticker, you are

still doing your part.

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