Don’t skip out on Black Friday

Zoe Sissac

From waiting outside the mall at

5 a.m. to fighting for the best gift,

nothing beats shopping on Black

Friday. Black Friday is the perfect

holiday for any American shopper,

but the COVID pandemic has led to

a decline in turnout.

As the U.S. makes the long-awaited

return to normalcy, Black Friday

remains the best way to prepare for

the upcoming Christmas season.

Black Friday is an unforgettable

experience, allowing customers

to find the best deals. But many

people do not know Black Friday’s

importance for local businesses.

During lockdown, retail shifted

to online, robbing shoppers of

the Black Friday experience and

devastating small businesses.

Many small businesses lack the

financial capacity to compete

with companies like Amazon and

Walmart during Black Friday.

Typically, small businesses don’t

possess the staff required to handle

an influx of online orders. Others

don’t own any technology with the

ability to take online orders.

The best way to support small

businesses has always been through

in-person shopping. The Wall Street

General noted over 8.5% of small

businesses were forced to shut

their doors due to the pandemic.

Shopping during Black Friday may

provide these businesses the boost

they so desperately need.

Safety concerns surrounding

Black Friday have frightened many

shoppers into staying home. But,

retail stores have implemented

various practices to protect


And if anyone is concerned about

safety while looking for the best new

gifts, rest assured officers patrol the

malls during Black Friday.

When shopping, everyone expects

to witness customer brawls and mad

dashes for the perfect gift.

In my experience, this has not been

the case.

Rather, Black Friday is an amazing

time to shop great deals with friends

and family.

The best way to spend the holidays

is shopping for the ones you love,

and Black Friday is the perfect day

to do so.