Freestylin’: NAACP connects students at Wild’N Out

Carley Nail

Students brought their best rap

game to the NAACP’s Wild’N Out,

ready to participate in a variety of

freestyle competitions.

The NAACP used the TV show

“Wild’N Out” as inspiration for the

event because they felt it was an area

of common ground.

Many students have watched and

enjoyed the show.

NAACP Political Action Committee

member KeyAria Lewis said, “We

knew it would bring students together

to laugh and have fun, which

is what we all need after a long day

of school.”

Lewis acted as the host of Wild’N

Out. She taught the students participating

how to play the games and

led the crowd in making beats to go

behind the freestyles.

Even though Lewis had never

hosted an event before, the crowd

interacted with her well.

Students gathered into teams to

play games from “Wild’N Out.” They

played Pick Up & Kill It, Family Reunion,

Wild Sauce and Kick ‘Em Out

the Classroom. Each game required

participants to think of freestyle raps


Lewis’ favorite game to watch students

participate in was Pick Up &

Kill It.

In this game, a person from each

team came up with a rap about a

specific topic that was placed on the


“Seeing them come up with rhyming

words off the top of their heads

shocks me because I cannot do that

quickly,” Lewis said.

Carley Nail

In Wild Sauce, two students stood

at the mic rap battling. The loser of

the battle took a shot of hot sauce.

The crowd erupted in laughter every

time someone’s face turned into

a blush color after drinking the hot


Another crowd favorite was Kick

‘Em Out the Classroom. Lewis led

the students not participating in creating

a beat for those freestyling to

rap over.

The students rapping sat at one side

of the room and acted as if they were

rapping in class.

Their raps mainly revolved around

school and things that they usually

do in class.

NAACP President La’Chele Green

said she wasn’t sure what to expect,

but she had seen many students

sharing the event on social media.

“We were happy with the event

turnout and can’t wait to host it

again,” Green said.

Green said that events like this give

students the opportunity to “connect

with one another to make ULM

feel like a family away from home.”