5 trending TikTok dishes to try this month

5 trending TikTok dishes to try this month

Hanna Flynn

Butter Board

Food TikToker Justine Doiron said

that she wanted butter boards to be

the new charcuterie board and began

teaching her fans how to make

them. The dish is made by spreading

soft butter over a wooden

board. You can decorate the spread

with spices, vegetables, nuts and

other ingredients. Then you take

crackers or bread to scoop up the

buttery goodness like a dip.

Corn Ribs

It’s corn! Ever since the corn kid

reminded us that we all love those

big lumps with knobs, TikTokers

have been creating new corn recipes

to enjoy. First shown on TikTok

by food influencer, Farrah J, “corn

ribs” are cobs of corn cut into strips

and put in the air fryer to come out

grilled and toasty. They are coated

in herbs, butter and often cotija

cheese for a Hispanic flavor.

Overnight Oats

Overnight oats recently became

popular because of how easy they

are to make. TikToker Kenziejo

Clark showed fans how to make

strawberry shortcake overnight

oatmeal by adding milk, uncooked

oatmeal and freshly sliced strawberries

to a mason jar. Then you

mix it up and leave it in the fridge

overnight. In the morning, you can

enjoy your breakfast like a parfait.

Salmon Bowl

Emily Mariko started a more upscale

food trend by creating viral

salmon bowls. These Japanese-inspired

dishes involve layering

salmon, avocado, sauces like sriracha

or soy sauce, and other optional

ingredients such as kimchi in a

bowl over rice. The recipe can be

made using leftover rice and small

portions of ingredients that you already

have in your fridge.

Jelly Drink

The “jelly drink” originally started

trending in Japan and made its

way to American FoodTok. By adding

gummy bears and hot water

to a cup, stirring until liquid, and

refrigerating, TikTokers create a jelly-

like substance. Then they add a

Japanese yogurt drink over the top.

It creates a sweet and creamy layered

treat that makes you feel like a

true drink connoisseur.