‘Wakanda Forever’ brings new life to Black Panther


Alayna Pellegrin

With great cinematography,

phenomenal music and a fantastic

storyline, Black Panther: Wakanda

Forever checks all the marks. The

film continues the legacy that

was started in Black Panther, and

Wakanda Forever is definitely a

must-see for all.

In Black Panther: Wakanda Forever,

Queen Romanda and Shuri mourn

the loss of their kin, while the

people of Wakanda grieve the death

of their king, T’Challa—the Black

Panther. They must do this while

trying to maintain peace with other

countries that are trying to steal their

vibranium and prepare for threats of

war from an African nation.

It was clear that this was the main

conflict, but at its heart, Wakanda

Forever is a story about grief. It

focuses on the ways people grieve,

the love born out of grief and the

anger that emerges from having lost


This is due to the unfortunate

passing of Chadwick Boseman, the

actor who played Black Panther in

the first film.

The movie did not shy away from

the presence Boseman left behind,

but rather embraced it. The true, raw

emotion that all the actors in the film

let reach the surface built onto the

legacy that Boseman left.

It was obvious that something was

missing, but seeing the characters

mourn T’Challa’s death and then

continue with such strength was

amazing to watch.

The most enjoyable thing about the

movie was how emotionally realistic

it was. It was pleasing to see such

strong characters break down and be


Another pleasant thing about

Wakanda Forever was its

cinematography. The lighting for

every scene really set the mood, and

the transitions from scene to scene

were smooth.

The variety of music in the film

created a range of emotions such as

sadness, vengefulness and peace.

The music at the beginning was very

solemn, yet strong. Powerful African

chants rang out through times of

action and distress.

The closing song, Rihanna’s

new release called “Born Again,”

beautifully captured the pride and

legacy that Wakanda stands for.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

strives to embrace the next chapter

the kingdom must face on its new

path—a path without a king. Queen

Ramonda, Shuri and all of Wakanda

learn to move on as they fight for the

nation they call home, always staying

united with a chant of “Wakanda