Fall fashion trends for frugal college students

Fall fashion trends for frugal college students

Malorie West

Boho Dresses

Looking for a dressy fall outfit? Boho dresses

are all the rage, especially since we live in a

warmer climate. For fall specifically, dresses

with sleeves and a darker print are more appropriate

to the season. If it is a little too cold

for just the dress, pairing it with a light-colored

cardigan is also an option. Add a cute

pair of boots or closed-toe heels and you are

set for the season.

Light-wash Jeans

For the girls looking for a casual look, jeans

will never go out of style. A classic light-wash

pair of jeans would perfectly balance out a

leather jacket and tee. If it is chilly, add a scarf

or even replace the tee with a sweater. The

way this look is accessorized is what takes it

from simply comfortable to fashionable. Add

comfortable tennis shoes or Converse and

you’ve got a cute, yet comfy fall outfit.

Trench Coat

Guys, if you’re looking for a way to look fashionable

through the fall, there are options for

you too. Trench coats are very popular this

season and something everyone can pull off.

Add a long- sleeve shirt under the trench coat

and pair it with your favorite pair of jeans.

Add a nice pair of boots and accessories, and

you have the perfect look for fall. If it is cold,

adding a scarf to the look also works.

Plaid Shirt

If the trench coat isn’t your style and you’re

looking for something more casual, there

are other options for the upcoming season.

Since it is Louisiana, you can’t go wrong

with a long- sleeve plaid shirt and a nice pair

of jeans. Pair your plaid shirt with a pair of

boots, and you have a fall look. If it is colder,

layering a vest