Hot takes on college life

Hot takes on college life

Carley Nail

Being Eco-friendly Is Worth It.

As a college student, oftentimes it’s difficult to

be eco-friendly in all aspects of your life. But this

is what most people shoot for when going green.

You don’t have to be super invested in never

using plastic to contribute to helping create a

healthier environment. There are easy ways that

someone can adjust to using less plastic without

having to turn their life around.

I recently bought a metal set of silverware. Usually,

I would use plastic because I used to not

have a dishwasher. I despised having to hand

wash the dishes, so I switched to plastic.

But now that I have a dishwasher, I realized it

was time for me to get rid of that bad habit.

Another example of an easy way to be

eco-friendly is to go thrift shopping. Many college

students already like thrifting because it’s

cheaper than buying new clothes.

Thrift shopping is a way to recycle and reuse

things that others don’t use anymore. Instead

of buying a new product, you are giving an older

product new life.

You can also use fewer plastic bottles to hold

body wash, shampoo and conditioner. If you

have to use a specific product, this may be difficult.

But if you are open to trying a shampoo bar

or bar soap, I recommend it. Plenty of places in

Monroe sell quality locally-made bar soap.

Some people think that there’s no point to

switching to eco-friendly options because it is

impossible to get rid of plastics.

But my outlook has always been if I can help to

keep Earth beautiful, why wouldn’t I?

It’s worth putting forth some effort to better the

environment we live in. Even if you don’t like

the alternatives I suggested, find eco-friendly

options that work for you.

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