Lab school reopens temporarily in SUB

Hanna Flynn

What used to be a dining area has

now become the home to ULM’s

tiniest of students. On the night of Oct.

12, the Emily Williamson Laboratory

School caught #re and was deemed

uninhabitable for an inde#nite period

of time. Now, in November the preschool

has set up a new location until

further notice in the former Student

Union Building.

Nobody was harmed in the #re; however,

everything on the inside of the

building was lost.

“e preschool had to start from

scratch obtaining educational materials,

toys and classroom items. “e

Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society of ULM

hosted a children’s books and supplies

drive to replace the items lost in the

#re at Emily Williamson. Insurance,

support from the university and

assistance from the community have

helped to bring the school closer to


Maintenance has installed temporary

walls in the SUB that have now been

#lled with classroom materials and

furniture for the incoming students.

Prime Time Head Start of Monroe donated

some furniture to be temporarily

used and thankfully the outdoor playground

equipment was not damaged

by the #re and is being used.

“We are so ready for the little ones

to get back”, Director of EWLS Denise

Buell said, “Even parents have been

up here helping. We really have such

wonderful families involved.”

Buell explained that the parents of

the preschoolers had to #nd temporary

solutions for childcare until their

children can return.

Some of them are working from

home, using babysitters or #nding other

daycares such as Delta Community

College’s program.

“ere are a few more steps to be taken

before the kids can return, including

inspections for #re hazards, health and

licensing by the Louisiana Department

of Arts.

Currently, around 30 infants and

pre-k children will be returning and

over 100 applications have been placed

on the waiting list.