Hot takes on college life

Hot takes on college life

Carley Nail

Table Talk Over The Holidays

As the time to go home for the holidays nears,

many students can already hear the echoes of

their grandparents asking if they are in a relationship.

Everyone is gearing up for the “I bet all the ladies

love you” and “You would make a good

wife” comments.

Grandma, I get it. You want to watch me get

married and buy a house with a white picket

fence before you pass away.

But asking me if I have a boyfriend will not

make this process go any quicker. Men aren’t

suddenly asking for my hand in marriage all because

you told me I should find a husband.

The holidays bring stress for many reasons.

Don’t let one of the reasons be that you don’t

have someone to bring home to meet your family.

Although family members might ask about

your relationship status, it’s not the most important

thing to be concerned about.

It’s almost finals week. Many people are focused

on studying or getting ready to graduate.

Sorry, Aunt Cindy. I was too busy trying not to

flunk out of college instead of finding my soulmate.

Constantly being asked about your love life is

annoying, especially when you lack one.

It’s normal to not be in a romantic relationship

in college. Sometimes when people pressure

students to date, it contributes to the expectation

that everyone needs to be married coming

out of college.

There is no set timeline for everyone’s life. You

do not have to be in a relationship in college.

Don’t feel embarrassed because your life isn’t

running on the schedule that your family picked

out for you.

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