Warhawks hot and cold in week home stretch

Jonah Bostick

ULM women’s basketball (2-2)
sought to close out a four-game
homestand on a positive note.
They succeeded in beating Centenary (0-5) on Tuesday but failed
to finish against Central Arkansas
The Warhawks started Tuesday’s
game with perfection as they raced
out to a 21-0 lead while Centenary
missed its first nine field goals. The
score at the end of the first quarter
read 33-6.
The defense for ULM was stout
as it allowed six points in the first
quarter and only five points in the
second. The Warhawks put up 25
more to lead 59-11 at halftime. The
third quarter saw a closer game.
ULM started with a 10-0 run, but
Centenary fought back and outscore the Warhawks the rest of the
quarter 12-9.
ULM reestablished dominance
in the fourth playing near-perfect
defense and offensively then broke
100 points in a 103-28 final score.
The game was historic for the
Warhawks in multiple ways.
ULM put up over 100 points
for the first time since 1997, and
the 28 points allowed tied the
school record for the fewest points
allowed. ULM also had the largest
margin of victory in school history,
beating Centenary by 75 points.
ULM also hosted an education
day, which resulted in a crowd of
“How about this crowd? This
crowd was special,” ULM coach
Brooks Donald Williams said.
“This is one of my favorite games
of the year when we have so many
kids from our local community
and region.”
The game versus UCA on Saturday was a different story.
ULM offensively was contained
for the first quarter as it only
produced nine points compared
to UCA’s 19.
The Warhawks flipped the score
in the second quarter with 19
points to the Sugar Bears’ nine,
and the score at halftime was 28
The second half saw UCA slowly
gaining control, and near the end,
it possessed a 58-46 lead. Some
last-minute shots by the Warhawks made for a 60-53 final.