Jackson Culp releases new EP ‘THE LAGOON’


Carley Nail, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Sometimes romantic partners get annoyed and jokingly threaten to kill each other, but what if you actually hated your partner? You are done with the relationship and are filled with anger.

You both decide to take a trip to a faraway island. Once on the beach, you plan to kill your significant other. This is the storyline that follows
through Jackson Culp’s new EP “THE LAGOON.” Jackson Culp is a Monroe native who grew up with an early interest in music. Culp started making his own music at 18 and released his first within the next year.

Since then, he has released nine songs and two music videos. Culp also graduated from Louisiana Tech University and held many acting roles while he was there.

“THE LAGOON” was written, produced and mastered all by Culp in his local studio.

The EP features three songs, with “I THINK SHE’S GONNA KILL ME” acting as the lead single. His instrument of choice is the ukulele, and he said it was used heavily to find what sound he wanted in “THE LAGOON.”

Culp said that the songs and concept never felt forced, which meant to him that they were true and honest.

“It was an intricate process, but it came easily,” Culp said.

With its “Halloween at the beach” sound, Culp has created a distinct work that cultivates a specific unique atmosphere. The listener is bound to think about themselves in this love-turned-
into-hate situation.

“It creates an atmosphere that makes you feel like you are there,” Culp said.

“THE LAGOON” has an underlying spooky tone set off by its lyrics, while an upbeat sound. They seem to bring balance to each other. Culp described this relationship perfectly when he said, “I wanted the be like ‘Could you shut up?’” The EP has a ghostly and mysterious mood but strongly pulls from rock influences. Culp said that he takes inspiration from Paul McCartney and the Arctic Monkeys and tries to incorporate raw elements from the rock genre into his music.