Biden’s gun control agenda: helpful or harmful?


Zoe Sissac and Nicholas Soriez


By Zoe Sissac:

The right to bear arms—these five words are often prioritized before the safety of American citizens. Time and time again the fight over gun control overshadows the government’s original goal of protecting its citizens. The latest set of gun control measures by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) indicates that this centuries-long fight may be falling in favor of gun control activists.

The ATF, partnering with the Biden administration, tightened restrictions
on stabilizing pistol braces. While the regulation of stabilizing braces may seem inconsequential, it marks the beginning of Biden’s push for stricter gun control measures.

Stabilizing pistol braces essentially act as a wristband for firearm users. By attaching to the shooter’s wrist, pistol braces add extra firepower to any normal pistol. The power and efficiency of a pistol brace result in a dangerous weapon that the ATF should have restricted years ago.

Now pistol brace owners will have to register the weapon with the Department

of Justice or stop using them altogether.
By tracking the owners of stabilizing pistol braces, the ATF prevents these dangerous weapons from falling into the wrong hands.

The U.S. has experienced over 40 mass shootings since the start of January, according to the BBC. This death toll due to firearms appears to keep rising each day. School shootings and failed robberies continue to make headline after headline.

Instead of worrying about homework, children now fear becoming victims of a school shooting. Parents must wonder if they will ever see their children again when entering a grocery store. Even teenagers going on a first date are forced to question the safety of movie theaters.

No American should fear for their life when going about their daily routine. The ATF’s restrictions will hopefully alleviate some of those fears. Rather than scanning exits and thinking of escape plans, Americans can enjoy the perks of living in a free country.
Unfortunately, gun control garners a
lot of controversies when brought into the national spotlight. Immediately the ATF faced backlash from gun owners, who argued the new restrictions violate the Second Amendment.

Rather than attacking Americans’ right to bear arms, the ATF is protecting Americans’ right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness—a right that appears in the Declaration of Independence.


By Nicholas Soriez:

Guns are not the problem, but the people who use them are. Last week, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) submitted new legislation to the Federal Register, which places restrictions on pistols with stabilizing braces. The

ATF’s restrictions reclassify the definition of “rifle,” so the term also applies to pistols with attached stabilizing braces that mount the weapon on the shoulder. However, the ATF gave into the misconception that the accessory’s intended use is to kill, not improve mobility.

Stabilizing braces were not created to be fired from the shoulder, mimicking the behavior of a sawed-off shotgun. Instead many gun owners strap the accessories to their forearms with the goal of steadying the weapon. Just because something can be used in a certain way does not automatically indicate that it is its intended purpose.

The ATF’s legislation ultimately robs gun owners of their constitutional right to bear arms. If the Second Amendment does not specify which guns a citizen can own, neither should the government. Instead, gun owners face an impossible dilemma: buy a new permit or throw away their pistol braces.

According to Attorney General Merrick B. Garland, the legislation intends to enhance public safety and prevent people from circumventing the law by using stabilizing braces to convert pistols into rifles. The Biden administration believes that gun violence is out of control and that the only way to deal with it is to take immediate action to protect the American people.

This so-called protection only harms everyday, law-abiding gun owners all across the U.S. who are concerned that they’ll become criminals overnight just because they use stabilizing braces for their pistols.

As a law that is meant to enhance public safety, putting restrictions on pistol attachments is a lax attempt to reach that goal. This legislation isn’t going to automatically take such weaponry out of the hands of criminals but removes them from responsible gun owners. Limiting who can buy firearms or instituting more detailed background checks would be a better solution to America’s gun problem. Then the ATF would prevent future tragedies from ever occurring.

The bottom line is that this law is just petty. It will do little to nothing to prevent gun violence in the long run. If the government wishes to protect its citizens, it must prioritize their civil rights as well.