SGA should impeach Ethan Estis

Alayna Pellegrin

Fulfilling SGA’s goal of “making a difference,” President Ethan Estis has transformed the reputable organization into a scandalous mess. SGA needs to impeach Estis to prevent further scandal.

Estis confessed to writing four laws and convincing senators to sign them. By doing so, he betrayed the trust of the people who elected him.

The first two bills Estis introduced dealt with moving rules from the bylaws to the constitution, which changes the basic procedures followed by SGA senators.

The third bill he proposed would decrease the number of students represented by each senator, increasing the number of senators representing each college.

The last bill Estis drafted was dissolving the associate senate, which are 10 non-voting candidates who were not awarded a seat in any college.

During Estis’ confession, he explained that the reason why he wrote the laws was because he was very passionate about the topics. Estis also felt that no one else other than him knew how to write laws properly. Estis’ misdemeanor towards SGA shows that he truly does not trust them. He believes that they are not capable of writing laws and improving ULM.

It is written in the ULM SGA Constitution that the president cannot write or introduce a bill. Estis knowingly went against the constitution.

If this rule was written in such an important document, it means that it was placed there to prevent havoc and the fall of the government. Estis should be impeached to avoid future fallout. The fact that Estis went against the constitution by writing the bills is enough of a reason to impeach him. But by pressuring senators to sign the bills, Estis shows what little faith he has in his fellow SGA members. Instead of writing bills for senators, he should teach them how to properly write bills. SGA should have meetings that specifically go over how to write and propose laws so that senators will be properly trained to suggest laws. With proper training, senators will be able to listen to the students’ problems and be able to turn them into proper orders. Then SGA can move on from this scandal as a student-oriented organization. While Estis may be the SGA president, that does not put him above the law. The best solution is the simplest—impeachment.