‘The Last of Us’ adaption stays true to game


Alayna Pellegrin

“The Last of Us” is a visually and emotionally disturbing series that captures the realness of an apocalyptic world. But despite its unsettling nature, “The Last of Us” provides an entertaining storyline with great attention to detail of the game that went before it.

An outbreak of mutant Cordyceps fungus devastated the world in 2003 by transforming human hosts into aggressive zombie-like creatures, also known as the “infected.” 

Joel is a survivor hardened by the atrocities left by the fungal brain infection. Ellie is a 14-year-old girl immune to the virus and possibly humanity’s last hope. 

This unlikely pair is forced to trek across post-outbreak America when Joel is tasked with bringing Ellie to The Fireflies, a faction focused on producing a vaccine to stop the virus. He plans to exchange her for a car battery that would aid him in finding his brother.

Joel and Ellie encounter brutal circumstances and endure ruthless killers, rebellion and monsters on their journey.

“The Last of Us” is based on the 2013 video game developed by Naughty Dog. So far, the storyline has followed in the game’s footsteps. The game invested a lot of thought into the main characters and their conflicts, and the series has welcomed that. 

Pedro Pascal’s past role as an antihero father figure made him a perfect fit for Joel, as he has experience playing a stoic emotionally unavailable, yet compassionate character.

The small expansion of Joel’s character on the show adds a layer of depth that is new but also familiar. Bella Ramsey captures Ellie’s fiery personality and resolute nature while also alluding to her darker past.

The storyline of the show is engaging. The acting is strong and the effects are terrifying. “The Last of Us” has immersive visuals and inventive cinematography. 

The muted color palette throughout the show creates a feeling of dread about what is to come. This atmosphere shows what an apocalyptic world could look like, which is chilling.

From the intense music when the atmosphere darkens to the clicking sounds the blind zombies make, “The Last of Us” also has a well-crafted sound design.

“The Last of Us” deepens the game’s dystopian lore while also staying true to its emotional center. The casting, acting and attention to detail make it such an impressive show to watch.