Study abroad brings benefits

Alayna Pellegrin

Studying in another country sounds like a dream. You gain important skills and learn new languages that make entering the job market a breeze. If ULM prioritized study abroad programs, the school and its students would benefit.

While ULM offers study-abroad opportunities through the Catalyst and Languages Department, many students have missed the chance to go on these trips due to a lack of knowledge and funding. 

ULM should offer more study abroad programs, allowing participants to acquire skills they cannot gain on a traditional college campus. Students should not be limited to learning in the classrooms of Walker or Sandel Hall. 

While studying abroad, students can experience the different cultures of Europe, Latin America or Asia. Students will make international friends and gain a global perspective while earning credits toward their degree. 

Although these programs are expensive, the benefits outweigh the cost. According to the National Association for Colleges and Employers, 97% of students with international experience found work within 12 months of graduating. With only 49% of regular undergraduates finding work upon graduation, studying abroad obviously benefits the participating students.

Sending students to study abroad will allow ULM to gain international recognition. This reputation in-state and abroad will cause ULM to gain sponsors that will help keep the study abroad program afloat.  

But students cannot take advantage of opportunities they don’t know about. 

To increase student interest in study abroad programs, ULM should offer more information to incoming and attending students about it. 

Flyers can be handed out on campus. Previous study abroad students can set up a stand at events, sharing their stories.

Warhawks need to spread their wings and fly. Studying abroad will give students the ability to do so.