Carley’s Corner: Oscars Predictions


Carley Nail, Arts & Entertainment Editor

The Oscars air on March 12, which means everyone is making their final predictions—including me. The Academy Awards and I have different standards when it comes to the best movies and actors, but it’s okay. The Academy can be wrong. Some people could argue that they usually are.

Actor in a Leading Role: Austin Butler

Acting as a legend like Elvis Presley leaves big shoes to fill, but Austin Butler proved to be an ideal pick for the lead role. Butler managed to truly transform into the King of Rock and Roll. Butler even used a Southern accent to properly sing Elvis’ songs himself. He portrayed the personal journey of Elvis well, navigating through being a rock star in the ‘50s and keeping complicated relationships.

Actress in a Leading Role: Michelle Yeoh

“Everything Everywhere All at Once” is a comedy-drama filled with absurdity and adventure, but Michelle Yeoh carried the leading role in a way that complemented all of these aspects. In the film, Yeoh acted as a Chinese-American immigrant who must save the unraveling universe by channeling powers from other versions of herself in the multiverse. Yeoh balances portraying a bizarre, unlikely hero and an emotional mother well, giving a near-perfect performance.

Best Picture: ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’

“Everything Everywhere All at Once” has a deep, complex storyline that evolves from chaos. The film has plenty of fast-moving action sequences and odd multiverses. But beneath all the bells and whistles, it’s grounded in hurt and mother-daughter love.  “Everything Everywhere All at Once” is too much in the best way possible.

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