Tyre Nichols’ death was tragic, pointless

Hawkeye Staff

The death of Tyre Nichols, a 29-year-old African American father, at the hands of five Memphis police officers reignited debate over police brutality in America. 

Driving home from a night out with friends, Tyre Nichols was pursued by police officers due to supposed reckless driving. 

The resulting traffic stop ended in the brutal beating of Nichols, where he was repeatedly maced, beaten with batons and tased by police. Unfortunately, Nichols never made it home. He died in a Memphis hospital three days later, suffering from extensive head injuries.

This case is only the latest example of police brutality since George Floyd’s death in March 2020. Almost two years later, the police continue to abuse the power given to them by the government. 

It’s another disgusting display that has no place in American society, yet here it is again, not much different than what we’ve seen before.

Police brutality must be stopped. The preventable deaths of Tyre Nichols, Breonna Taylor and George Floyd represent an endless cycle of police brutality. Say their names, and remember their faces.  No one should be treated as less than human by officers who are meant to protect them. 

To prevent further tragedies, the police system needs to be reformed and rebuilt from the ground up. Police officers need to receive more training on how to handle crises without resorting to violent tactics. A routine traffic stop should not cost an innocent man his life and a son his father. 

These officers have been charged and will hopefully be held accountable, but nothing in the legal system will give Nichols or anyone else their life back.

Police brutality has plagued the U.S. since the force was created. Centuries later, the fight for police reform must continue.