Program receives new accreditation

Mallory Kaul

ULM’s Master of Occupational Therapy Program is showing the campus that the best truly is on the bayou with their most recent accomplishment—a full 10-year accreditation of their program. This achievement is the result of exceptional work by staff and students alike, as both sides must be in excellent standing to fulfill the strict accreditation standards. 

The 10-year title indicates that ULM’s program is in stellar academic condition, marked by successful students, an excellent curriculum and tip-top educational quality. 

Patti Calk, the Master of Occupational Therapy program director, shared a little bit of what it was like to see this exciting success unfold. “This is about a two-year process,” Calk said. “But it means our students can be assured of receiving a quality education and having the skills and knowledge to prepare them to be occupational therapists.” 

For two intense days in August, the Accreditation Council on Occupational Therapy Education (ACOTE) conducted an on-campus review of ULM faculty, students, administrators and community partners. Calk also said that a proposal has been submitted to reduce the program from two-and-a-half years to just two to help reduce the pressure of student debt and completion time.

Not only a dedicated faculty contributed to this achievement, but a student body of hard-working master of occupational therapy students are to be congratulated as well. Students remain a part of the evaluation process by successfully proving their knowledge and skills after graduation. A thriving student population is the most visible hallmark of a well-run program. 

Macie Hunt, an OTA to MOT student, shared that she felt proud to be a part of a program that was able to attain such a high standing and thankful to all of the hard-working faculty that made it possible. 

“It assures me that the MOT faculty members have a passion for occupational therapy,” Hunt said. “They are dedicated to passing along their knowledge to the students.”