Jay Pappa’s presents flavorful southern dining


Hanna Flynn

Exquisite southern dining combined with historical family heritage is what you can expect from Monroe’s newest riverside restaurant Jay Pappa’s. Located on the banks of the Bayou Desiard, this outwardly elegant eatery has an equally impressive menu.

With seafood, steaks, pastas and pizzas, the menu has enough options to keep me teetering on my decision until the last moment. I finally decided on the shrimp tacos with a side of rice and gravy.

We ordered a few appetizers for the table, including fried green tomatoes, cheese fries and duck wraps. Having never eaten a fried green tomato before, I was excited to give it a try. Surely the best way to eat a tomato is fried with lump crab on top.

Cheese fries sprinkled with bacon were best enjoyed dipped in sour cream. The pepper and cream cheese stuffed duck wraps, wrapped in bacon and honey glaze, were a true delicacy. 

While waiting for my main dish, I found myself admiring the interior design. The black-and-white color scheme, along with the dark wooden floors, brought a sense of modernity mixed with traditional style. Black-and-white family photographs lined the walls, giving it a personal feel.

The service matched the restaurant itself, with warm and inviting staff regularly checking in on us and making us feel welcome. We had a delightful time chatting with our waitress about the history of the family.

In a short time, I received the most delicious plate of seafood tacos with perfectly seasoned and blackened shrimp. Sprinkled with pico de gallo and parmesan cheese, every bite was the perfect blend of sweet, savory and spicy. My side salad and rice and gravy rounded out the perfect meal.

Jay Pappa’s food held a delicious combination of flavors with a southern flair. Paired with a kind and charismatic staff and a beautiful interior environment, the experience was one I could see all students enjoying as well.

For upscale dining at a college-friendly price, try out the shrimp tacos or many other options at Jay Pappa’s.