Carley’s Corner: Get a hobby.


Carley Nail

After dealing with classes and work, it’s usually hard for me to divide up my time well. I come home from a class and will insist that I am so tired. Spending an hour on TikTok or binge-watching a new TV show is a way to be still and take a breather.

But it’s also a waste of time.

This is something I struggled with last semester. I could never find the balance between being unproductive and taking a brain break. 

I needed to find a way to relax while not being lazy, so I made my goal this semester to invest in hobbies. 

I’ve heard “get a hobby” be used as an insult, but today I’m using the phrase as advice.

I love reading and crocheting, which I know makes me sound like I have the personality of an elderly woman. When I got to college, I became so busy that I forgot about these hobbies I used to do during my spare time.

Now instead of scrolling through social media every time I get home, I try to set aside some time to read. Putting your time towards something specific can be beneficial.

My time management is better, and I feel more accomplished. I don’t feel guilty for wasting my day away, and it seems to improve my mental health.

Having a hobby might seem like work, but the whole point of hobbies is that they are fun. Pick an activity that comes easy to you.

Read a book. Play basketball. Go for a jog. Create music. Make art. Whatever your hobbies are, I recommend that you invest more time into them this year. 

You don’t have to put every spare moment toward your hobbies, but a little time can go a long way.

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