Carley’s Corner: Take Advantage of College.


Carley Nail, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Every older adult in my extended family has said to me at least once, “College is the last easy step before you reach full adulthood. Take advantage of it.”

Personally, this comment makes me want to scream. Considering most of the people that have said this to me never went to college, I’ve never taken their advice.

College is more difficult than most adults like to make it out to be. But one thing that I wish I had done earlier in my college career is to take advantage of what this campus has to offer.

ULM has so many events, opportunities and resources that I didn’t realize as a freshman. 

The Activity Center has nice equipment, a variety of different workout classes and even a food pantry, but most students aren’t aware these resources exist. Hanna Hall has a Museum of Natural History, but I bet less than 10% of students have visited.

Spring Fever is one of my favorite weeks on campus. Student organizations set up shop in Bayou Park and pass out lunch almost every day during the week. 

Free ULM merchandise is basically thrown at you. Seriously, who doesn’t want a ULM pillow? 

While it seemed like attendance at the Spring Fever events last week had increased from last year, many students still didn’t swing by to pick up their free items.

College comes with benefits, so we should use them. I pay a good amount of money to go to school here. If someone’s giving something away to ULM students, I’m going to be there to take it.

Other students should do the same. You pay for that student ID card, so go ahead and use it to get some free stuff.

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