Jacquees headlines Spring Concert return

Carley Nail, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Cheers and screams echoed all across the Bayou as artists Jacquees, Mariah the Scientist and HD4President performed in Fant-Ewing to kick off the return of the Spring Concert. 

ULM’s last Spring Concert was in 2018. After the five-year hiatus, CAB welcomed the self-proclaimed King of R&B to campus.  

The Campus Activities Board hosted the concert and gave students the option of buying general admission or floor tickets. Most students that attended chose to be on the floor, standing close to the stage.

HD4President started the night by performing songs like “Touch Down 2 Cause Hell” and “Rollin.” Students pushed towards the front of the barricade while dancing and singing along. 

Mariah the Scientist performed a variety of songs from her discography that had the whole building singing along with her.  

“Her music style and charisma won me over almost instantly,” business administration graduate student Victor Baffuto said. “Mariah’s was a tough act to follow.” 

Her vocals were clean and sounded almost effortless, despite the higher range she performed in. She was very interactive with the audience and even ran by the front of the barricade to take pictures with fans. 

Jacquees was the last artist to enter the stage, and Fant-Ewing erupted as soon as his feet hit the platform. Students cheered throughout his whole performance as he moved from song to song. 

Freshman biology pre-med student Amaya West said that the concert was a great way to close out Spring Fever Week by giving students all over campus an opportunity to be involved. 

West also expressed that she enjoyed the performances but that Jacquees was her favorite. 

“His performance skills were just really good in general, along with his singing,” West said.  

Students were invested throughout the whole concert, and the artists captivated the room. All three artists put together an entertaining show that brought new life to campus.