Students relax with rage room, goat yoga

Maggie Eubanks, News Editor

The sound of axes, plate smashing and goats filled the air last Wednesday during Spring Fever Week. The Campus Activities Board held a “Rage Day” in Bayou Park for students to let out pent-up stress and find peace after midterms. 

The event featured three different sections: a mobile axe-throwing trailer, a smash room and goat yoga. The Asian Student Association also sold bubble tea.

Spring Fever Committee Head Hannah Edwards said CAB’s goal behind Rage Day was to give students a safe place to let out their emotions. 

“Our Spring Fever this year fell right after midterms, so we knew students were going to have some built-up emotions about midterms,” Edwards said. 

The goats were sponsored by the Honors Program. Students in the Honors Council contacted local Double BB Farms to provide goat yoga for the students. 

The farm held a 15-minute yoga class for students that featured poses that allowed them to hold and pet the goats. One pose was even geared at getting the goats to jump on the backs of students.

Sophomore pre-dental hygiene major Ximena Rubio said she enjoyed the opportunity to find peace with the goats. 

“It’s very therapeutic in a way because it is very stressful with school, so to get to take my time and do this and have an interactive time with animals is very unique and fun,” Rubio said.

On the rage side of Bayou Park, students wrote all their anxiety, stress and anger down on a porcelain plate before smashing it on the ground. They could also throw axes in the mobile trailer. 

Sophomore computer science major KJ Johnson said, “In college, you have all that stress, and you need something and somewhere to go to unleash yourself.”

And for many students, Rage Day was just that.