Letter to the editor

Chance Eppinette

Thank you for expressing your concerns about the Wi-Fi issues you have been experiencing. The Office of Information Technology (OIT) is aware of Wi-Fi over-saturation issues in key areas on campus.

 To remedy this, OIT is in the process of using STAP funds to expand and improve our Wi-Fi density in and around SmartClassrooms, study areas, the library, etc. The STAP Committee, which includes several members of the SGA, considered this Wi-Fi initiative to be a high priority for the next two years. 

As for the HUB, that Wi-Fi technology (802.11ax) is very new, and some device manufacturers are still pushing out firmware updates for laptops, tablets, etc to be compatible with this newest standard.  So check updates for your devices and/or come to our Library Helpdesk for assistance.

Please note that not every technology situation has the same resolution.  It is important that students, faculty, and staff inform the OIT Helpdesk when technology issues do occur so that we are aware of the unfortunate experience and in most cases can assist with a quick resolution. 

Incidentally, we would not be able to use off-the-shelf products such as Netgear because ULM has an enterprise network environment to accommodate the scale of our campus.

The OIT Helpdesk is located on the Library 1st floor behind the POD.  You can also submit a support ticket at http://computersos.ulm.edu/ or contact us at 318-342-3333.