Hernandez, Sonnier win uncontested

Cameron Jett, Editor-in-Chief

ULM Student Government elections go live this week, but the two highest-ranking positions are already decided by uncontested ballots. 

SGA’s new president will be David Hernandez, and he is joined by Alden “Tristan” Sonnier, who will serve as vice president. Neither candidate received opposition on the ballot, according to SGA Research and Judicial Affairs Department Head Mary Dupre, who revealed this to the Hawkeye on Saturday.  

The announcement settles half the election ballot. Hernandez will fill in the office currently held by Ethan Estis, and Sonnier will take over Hernandez’s current role as vice president. 

Hernandez declined to comment on his new position until after his university address on Tuesday.  

Sonnier, however, did share a statement and said Hernandez and he “will be able to accomplish much during the new term.” 

“We plan to sit down together and right away establish what we want to do for the term and discuss opportunities,” Sonnier said.  

Some of his ideas he mentioned include increasing student engagement, helping students know their senators, informing students on how to contact them and educating senators on ways to serve the student body. 

In addition to the senators that will be elected this week, two other SGA officer positions will be filled as well.  

The races for secretary and treasurer both feature two-person ballots.  

Current Sens. Jadyn Maloney and Krishna Patel are on the ticket for secretary. Running for treasurer are current Sens. Cassidy Walton and Ethan Miller.