Taylor Swift raises the bar for live performances


Carley Nail, Arts & Entertainment Editor

The mastermind Taylor Swift has left her mark on the music industry by raising the bar for post-pandemic live shows and giving a performance like no other.

The overall production, artistry and talent displayed at Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour make this concert worth every penny spent and every second fighting in the Ticketmaster queue waiting for the chance to get tickets.

Swift’s live performance guided every audience member through each of her 10 albums, all while changing outfits and stage setup. 

The Eras Tour has hit its stride and just finished showing in Houston, the fifth stop of the tour, where I attended the first concert of three in the city.

NRG Stadium erupted with screams as Taylor Swift took the stage for the first time, but it never went silent after that moment. Fans sang back every word to every song Swift introduced.

During the concert, Swift is on stage for around three hours and 10 minutes. She performs 44 songs, including two surprise songs that change each night of the tour. 

For night one in Houston, Swift played an acoustic set of “Wonderland” from her album “1989,” followed by “You’re Not Sorry” from “Fearless.”

While each era was represented with Swift’s tour, she did not include any songs from her debut album in the setlist. She sang the most songs from her most recent albums, with her performing seven from “folklore” and “Midnights.” 

Each song had its own themed choreography and setup, making the show feel like a never-ending whirlwind of tiny separate performances brought together by an overarching theme: Taylor Swift’s entire music career.

She switched between singing songs from each album seamlessly, only taking short breaks between the eras.  The flow of the concert never stalled, and Swift demanded the attention of everyone in the room. 

The production of Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour goes above and beyond with elaborate and colorful lighting, video displays and costumes. Swift has a total of 16 costume changes that align with her 17 years as an artist.

The Eras Tour wasn’t just a concert. Taylor Swift put on a show. Even still, she managed to keep a balance of over-the-top production and close intimacy with her audience.

Whether Swift was on stage with just a guitar and her voice or surrounded by backup dancers and fog effects, she recognized her fans and bridged the gap between the artist and the audience.