Carley’s Corner: Don’t overlook the NHL.


Carley Nail, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Since the college basketball season ended earlier this month, I’ve been watching NHL playoff games to fill my time. And if you also happen to be looking for another sport to fill your TV schedule with, I recommend you take a look at hockey.

Typically, hockey is a low-scoring game. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t any action.

Hockey is fast-paced, but the goals are difficult to make. I mean, NHL goals are smaller than the soccer goals used for elementary teams, and there is a fully-grown man standing in the way. Teams are constantly taking shots, but the point total will nearly always reflect a low number.

I’ve heard a lot of different complaints about hockey. Some say it’s too boring. Some say it’s too aggressive. I say it’s entertaining because it’s so aggressive.

In almost every hockey game I’ve seen, both teams get mad at each other on the ice and start shoving shoulders and swinging fists. 

Any sport has some level of aggression to it. If you have a problem with that, you might as well skip sports altogether and watch “The Great British Baking Show” instead.

The playoffs have reminded me how much I like watching hockey, but it also makes me think about how underrated hockey is.

Many sports fans around here don’t pay attention to the sport, even though Shreveport has its own team: the Mudbugs.

The Mudbugs compete in the South Division of the North American Hockey League, and they’re in the playoffs. They have two home games this weekend, April 28-29.

Even though you may not have grown up playing or watching hockey, it’s still a great sport that people should give more attention.

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