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COVID is the norm, learn to live with it


After several years of masks, online classes, weekly COVID tests and pushes for vaccinations, the lives of many students were finally adjusting back to a COVID-free campus. 

However, COVID cases are on the rise again, and some are worried that previous restrictions may become the norm again.

Some colleges, such as Morris Brown College, are taking the approach to mandating masks and weekly testing again, and many health experts believe that COVID will become a seasonal sickness, much like the flu. 

Some public spaces are seeing masks return too. Some government buildings in Dallas County Alabama are requiring masks, according to WAKA 8.

COVID is likely never going away, but, if we’re smart and conscious with our health, we can make it an afterthought and not something that dictates our life any longer.

Even with a resurgence in cases on a seasonal basis, This return of the virus shouldn’t be treated anywhere near way the same as the original strand was treated.

 If we can prevent the illness from spreading like a massive, crippling flu breakout, then we should not have to go to the extent of shutting down campus or going back to wearing masks.

COVID is here to stay, but we should not be living in fear of something that we have built up the resources and immunity to overcome.

Being that strands of COVID have been going around for years now, We should consider a different approach to be taken with a common seasonal illness. 

With the less severe symptoms that many are experiencing with the current round of COVID, the disease should be dealt with differently than before. 

With the technology that we have now to test for COVID so easily, it’s unlikely that we will ever stop so many seeing positive results. Considering that the virus has been around for so long, it seems as though we will need to get used to dealing with the virus on a yearly basis instead of working so hard to fight it off. 

As far as how to deal with the illness in the current circumstances, it should be dealt with to the extent that a regular seasonal flu would be. 

If people are experiencing symptoms, then the safest bet is to stay home and get well. 

Just like any sick person, an individual with COVID has a responsibility to prevent others from getting sick by taking the proper precautions, such as not attending class, going to the doctor if necessary and trying to stay clean by washing your hands and disinfecting.

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