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Not everyone is born to be a podcaster


Cringey introductions, boring content and overused talking points all have one thing in common: They are often found in a college student’s beginner podcast.  

Every college student has considered making a podcast at least once. 

You can’t convince me that there’s one person on campus who hasn’t told their friends the equivalent of “We’re so funny. We should start a podcast.” 

According to Riverside, an online recording studio, 50% of monthly U.S. podcast listeners are aged between 12-34. And if college students are listening to podcasts, they are thinking about how to make their own. 

I give props to anyone who’s had the courage to release their own podcast for others to listen to, but I also recognize that some people are just not meant to have a podcast. 

Just because you have the equipment to make the show, it doesn’t mean you should record and release everything you have to say.  

Making a podcast looks like fun, and I’m not here to hate on anyone’s hobbies. But if you are recording a podcast, it’s because you want people to listen to what you have to say. 

Therefore, you have to appeal to a certain audience and need something that is specific to your podcast. You have to give a perspective that listeners can’t find anywhere else. 

The problem is that these podcasts rarely offer anything new. There are many shows that have the same style and conversation. If listeners can get the same content from somewhere else, why would they listen to you? 

New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce is one of my favorite podcasts. Jason Kelce is the center for the Philadelphia Eagles, and Travis Kelce is a tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs. 

The two brothers give insider access to what life is like inside the NFL, along with plenty of funny side conversations.  

This content is specific to both Jason’s and Travis’ careers. I would deem them experts when it comes to the league.  

You can’t really get this kind of conversation and input anywhere else, and that’s what makes their podcast different from anything else on the market.  

But most people reading this and making podcasts aren’t in the NFL, and making your life stories interesting is much harder. 

I know people who have created a podcast about stories from throughout their week. 

The only problem is that if you don’t have an interesting life, people aren’t going to stick around. 

Realistically, talking about stopping by the store or doing homework isn’t going to convince anyone to sit around and finish listening to your hour-long podcast episode. 

We all have to study for exams and figure out what’s for dinner. Don’t remind me. 

People who are already famous or have a really adventurous, fun life can get away with this. 

But if you have a pretty normal life like the rest of us, try to find a niche for your podcast that steps outside of this. 

Not everyone has the personality, experience and knowledge to fit the standards of being a podcaster. 

And it’s okay to recognize these limits and leave your podcast in the past.  

But if you really believe in your podcast, continue to record and release. Just realize that you probably won’t be landing on Spotify’s Top Podcasts anytime soon. 

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